The inception of Black History month started in the US by historian Carter G Woodson and Pastor Jesse E Moorland from Negro History Week. This was created as an appreciation for black history, culture and identity. The founders believed in the importance of studying race within society and how it was important to know the origins of one’s identity. They lived in a time were information was not as easily accessible, yet it was easily changed to suit those in power. “White washing” was the norm and other races and cultures achievements were diminished as they were thought to be inferior. With the growing awareness of black identity and the Civil Rights Movement, Negro History Week gave rise to what we know now as Black history: a celebration of achievement, reflection of a long history of oppression, as well as an observance of African diaspora.

“If a race has no history, it has no worthwhile tradition, it becomes a negligible factor in the thought of the world, and it stands in danger of being exterminated.” Carter G Woodson

SickleKan started with a similar vision, to educate and raise awareness for a disease which still today hasn’t got the awareness it deserves. Founded by those who have Sickle cell anaemia and are affected by it, puts SickleKan in a unique position to educate, mentor and support others battling the disease. Our mission is to give people a voice within the local and wider community raising awareness from the perspective of sickle cell patients. Sicklekan has partnered with the NHS, Kings College hospital and the Sickle Cell Society with their toy and blood drives consecutively. We are continually looking to expand our reach to one day make a difference in all the lives of those with Sickle cell anaemia. As a charity we rely on donations, volunteers and hard work to reach our objectives. We are thoroughly appreciative of everything people do to get involved. We will continue to move forward with our journey until one day, like Black History month, Sickle cell anaemia will also be part of the conversation.

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