As Sickle cell awareness month (September) has drawn to a close, we continue to reflect on all the efforts made to raise awareness and get our voices heard. Sickle cell awareness however, isn’t just kept to the month of September, for us and for what we hope in the future, it will become something greater than just one month. To be known about in our communities, to be talked about and one day cured for all.

October brings about Black history month, a month recognised by all people to remember the achievements, tribulations, history, culture and identity of Black people. Our brothers in America celebrate this in February but as we are based in the UK we celebrate it now. So why am I talking about black history month on a page about Sickle cell? Well we’ve spoken about it in our previous post and there no such thing as to much information. Sickle cell is a disease which affects, but is not exclusive to black people.

Knowledge is power. Information is liberating. Education is the premise of progress, in every society, in every family. – Kofi Anan

Evolutionist believe that its a mutation over time designed to combat malaria and the first case was discovered over 100 years ago. Sickle cell as much as we would love to erase it, is part of Black history and its a talking point to spark conversation. How have we moved forward with Sickle cell? Did people even know they had it in the past? What are the changes that have happened over time? Have we progressed in terms of awareness and mentality of the disease? These are themes we hope to explore over the coming month.

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